2'x12' Garage Half Pipe Kit - Indoor Use

2’H x 12’W x 21' 6" L
$ 4,499.00

The 2’ Garage Halfpipe is the indoor answer for the winter weather for young and old rippers! All 2x4 lumber and plywood, pre-drilled and countersunk Birch Plywood surface with 1/2" sublayer included (2 layers of plywood), pre-drilled exterior grade black HDO plywood sidewalls, custom made for Ramptech. These products are completely durable, long lasting.

Don’t make the mistake of buying a disposable halfpipe! Do it right the first time!


  • CNC driven, quick and simple to assemble
  • Birch plywood, pre-drilled and countersunk
  • 1/2" sublayer included (2 layers of plywood)
  • Galvanized steel coping, exterior screws
  • Includes step by step visual instructions
  • 2x4 lumber, ships locally, some basic cuts required. 
  • Shipping included, additional freight charges may apply
  • Safety Bumpers included  
  • Allow 3-5 weeks for delivery
  • Made in the USA!