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Over 30 years ago Ramptech pioneered the skate ramp industry and since then has successfully modernized it many times. Plywood Surfaced ramps are old news with all the spinterring, swelling, rotting and broken edges. They can’t handle the weather and cant be used outdoors!

With our modern ABS, Skatelite and Ramp Armor surfaces, those are problems of the past.

Rated #1 Skate Ramp
  • Skatelite Pro or Ramp armor riding surface, CNC drilled and countersunk
  • Phenolic laminated transitions, flat side bands, deck bands, and safety bumpers, CNC cut and drilled
  • ACQ treated lumber and plywood
  • ACQ treated plywood substrate (base layer)
  • 2x4 and 2x6 Framing lumber
  • Safety bumpers included
  • Galvanized steel coping with welded pins
  • Galvanized hardware, paint treated screws
  • 100% paint sealed edges
  • 42" Safety railing on most Halfpipes
  • 10+ year lifetime
Short Lived Quality
  • Interior Birch Plywood (NOT FOR EXTERIOR USE)
  • Interior Birch Plywood transitions, flat side bands, deck bands (NOT FOR EXTERIOR USE)
  • Regular framing lumber (NOT FOR EXTERIOR USE)
  • One layer of Plywood (No base layer)
  • 2x3 and 2x4 Framing lumber
  • No Safety bumpers
  • Galvanized steel coping with screws
  • Regular hardware and screws
  • No sealed edges
  • No safety railings
  • Limited lifetime

Why Waste Money?

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Customer reviews
Customer reviews
"My childhood dream final came true... I spent a lot of time reviewing my options and am glad I went with Ramptech... Definitely built to last. Thanks Mike!!"
— Grant Halvorsen
Customer reviews
"...Amazing customer service! I received all the ramps within a week. Bought one of the custom skate parks. Assembly was super easy. My 4 crazy boys love it and have already excelled in their skateboard skills!"
— Graham Powers
Customer reviews
"I've been working with Ramptech for over a year now and they are truly a company that is constantly innovating and building the best ramps in the market."
— Wesley Bower
We make the best skate ramps on earth

Maybe You Know Some OF Our Customers?

See why companies like Vans, ESPN, Pacsun, Pharrell Williams as well as thousands of homes and backyards across America all trust us when it comes to delivering the best skate ramps on the market.

How We Created

The World's Best Skateboarding Ramp

Through years of experiance and industry knowledge we are able to offer high quality skateboarding ramps that will be on the earth for a long time. This will insure that the skating will also be long lasting and enjoyed for many years to come. The materials we have selected to use in our Halfpipes have been repeatidly tested in harsh weather enviroments for skateability, durability and weatherability.

Being a skater owned and operated company, we have selected the best formulas for things like transition and flat bottom sizes, as well as any other formula decision in the mix.

Skater Owned & operated

Ramptech Awards

We have over 30 years of experience and innovation with the accolades to back it. Click below to learn more about where Ramptech started and the man behind it all, Mike Mapp. If you ever have any questions just give us a call and we will be more than happy to help.