Ramp Screws #9 x 2-1/2" 6-Lobe SS Ramp Surfacing Screw- Skatepark Use

$ 114.00

Our Silver Star "Star Drive" stainless steel wood screws are manufactured from the finest quality stainless steel alloys. For use with chemically treated materials and in wood and plywood applications which are exposed to the weather, high moisture and other caustic conditions which make corrosion resistance of primary importance. Most screws used on Ramp Surfaces tend to leave long black stains from water trickling down the walls from the screw holes. As the word “Stainless “ implies, they won’t leave a stain on your ramp surface, because they don’t rust. When corrosion of fasteners could affect structural performance, or just to prevent unsightly staining.  Any professional Ramp builder or Deck builder knows that Star Drive Stainless Steel screws are the only way to go. Look, these surfaces are expensive! Dont go spending this money for the surface without the proper screws. Its like buying a nice car and then putting some cheap tires on it. Square drive screws can quickly strip and potentially make a quick mess out of expensive Ramp Surface sheets. Sharp Threads and Proper Head Angle cuts cleanly without crumbling or crushing, reducing splitting and cracking. Waxed & Lubricated for easier driving Pressure Treated Compatible.

325 Ramp Screws (5-4x8 Ramp Sheets)-   $114.00 (USPS priority mail included)

650 Ramp Screws (10- 4x8 Ramp Sheets)-  $229.00 (USPS priority mail included)

1300 Ramp Screws (20- 4x8 Ramp Sheets)- $429.00  (USPS priority mail included)