A halfpipe is a large skateboarding ramp consisting of two or more curved walls that are usually connected by a flat surface. A half pipe is typically the biggest feature of a skate park and can even be built at your home. Ramptech makes the world's best variety of skateboard halfpipe ramps for sale. So good that Ramptech has built ramps for Vans, ESPN, Smithsonian Institute, Pharrell Williams and thousands of homes and backyards across America.


What goes into making the world's best skateboard halfpipe ramp?

It's a long way from the old days of stealing plywood from the construction site and chopping it with a skill saw! Today's Half Pipe kits are made to LAST with Pressure treated lumber and plywood, Galvanized Steel, Skatelite or Ramp Armor (Phenolic sheets) surfacing. Let's take a look at these steps and features that go into creating a ramp that will meet all of your skateboarding needs.


1. Building half pipe ramps is all in the details.

Creating a CAD model is like creating a digital blueprint of your invention. Every detail is conceived in a computer space, then modeled in precise detail. Once the CAD model is finalized, it's rendered into a 3D space for inspection, manipulation and changes.

Ramptech Skateboard Ramp In CAD

2. Cutting and Drilling The Ramp Materials

Now, the Eform plywood, Skatelite or Ramp Armor is cut, drilled and processed on our CNC router. All cuts, drill holes, saw blades are cut precisely on this machine. Only in very rare cases do I actually cut Trannys by hand, the old school way, but sometimes I still do.


3. The pieces are edge-painted to seal the plywood cuts.

Photo of Ramptech's logo cut into the side of their ramps


4. Prepare the skateboard ramp's construction site

The ground of the construction site is then leveled as it would be at a skate board park. This is either done by hand or if needed by using a bobcat machine.

Preparing the ground for a Ramptech halfpipe skateboarding ramp

5. Place The Blocks

Cinder blocks are carefully placed in position using string lines to ensure they are level. Each cinder block the skate ramp sits on is 4” which keep it off the ground and out of water so it stays aerated and dry.

Foundation for a halfpipe skateboard ramp by Ramptech

Assembling a Ramptech skateboard halfpipe set

6. Piece it all together

All of the lumber is precut before anything is assembled, ensuring a precise fit.

Ramptech Skateboarding Half Pipe Ramp In A Customers Back Yard

What else do you need to know?

The right wood to use for your half pipe skate ramp.

If you're looking to build an outdoor halfpipe, pressure treated lumber and plywood are the only way to go! Just like your backyard deck, treated lumber is the only wood material that can be used as stated in the United States building codes. This lumber and plywood is greenish in color and is labeled ACQ treated. It lasts up to 30-40 years outdoors. Additionally, when plywood has "EXT" stamped on it, that means it has exterior glue in it. It does not mean it is an exterior plywood though.


What skateboard ramp surfaces do we use?

Skatelite Pro or Ramp Armor are the perfect surfaces for your halfpipe skateboard ramp. Skatelite Pro is a proven exterior surface that skateparks around the world rely on for its performance and durability. Ramp Armor is also a great choice for exterior surfaces, providing a smooth skating experience while also being tough enough to withstand the wear and tear of skateboarding. Additionally, both of these surfaces are toolable and can be cut as well as drilled through.

Skatelite ramp surfacing on a Ramptech half pipe ramp for a skate at home park


Nobody wants a wet ramp deck

Our half pipe ramp decks are made of phenolic coated plywood with drain holes to ensure the water runs through instead of pooling up on top.

Skate ramp bumpers on a half pipe by Ramptech


Be sure to skate safe with bumpers

I remember the day at Cedar Crest when the lady got her skull fractured by a flying board on the side of the ramp. It was a wake up call for me, and I soon came up with the bumper concept. Safety bumpers save lives, and that's a fact! Don't forget to install safety railings on your ramp too, you're going to need them!

Images of drilled holes in half pipe ramp deck


The coping matters.

The lime green Diamond Grind coping (paint treated) is a blast to grind!

image of Ramptech's grind rail coping on their halfpipe


The ultimate thing you should ask yourself when looking to buy a skateboard half pipe ramp.....

Is it worth the "cheaper" short-term fun to have a ramp, like this one, that will need to be replaced in just a few months?

Or is it better to buy the right skateboard half pipe ramp the first time and have it last you for 10 plus years like this one? I'll let you decide what kind of skateboarding experience you want to have.

October 13, 2022 — Michael Mapp