NEW BLACK -4’ Quarterpipe-ALMOST!!! 46”HT x 96” WD x 75”L

$ 899.00

Brand Ramptech

All new 4’ Quarterpipe with 18”deck, double wide. The greatest new feature on our Quarterpipes is the Ramplate riding surface, its grippy for traction, is reversible and custom made for Ramptech. So you can take it apart, flip it over and its new again!  Pre-drilled exterior grade black HDO plywood sidewalls CNC router cut at Ramptech.  These products are completely durable and long lasting.


  • All materials pre-cut to exact dimensions, CNC driven
  • Quick and simple to assemble
  • Includes step by step visual instructions
  • Built with custom Ramplate top surface/Ext HDO side panels
  • Galvanized steel coping, exterior screws
  • Very durable, exterior material
  • Easy to move and store, casters included, handles built in
  • Shipping included
  • Made in the USA!