For three decades I have skated the greatest and worst skateparks and event terrain. I’ve taken that experience and created the best ramps in the world! We can say that because we’ve made the comparison and so have many of the top professional skaters.

ESPN and Van’s Triple Crown have called us to make some of the most thrilling courses ever built. We’ve built nearly 200 parks. We didn’t gain this level of trust and confidence on the playground.

Many new companies are jumping into the skatepark business because the sport is rapidly growing. As one company states in their literature, while we were inventing the sport, they were off doing something else.

We bring credibility and assurance that you will get a great park that the community appreciates. That credibility comes from the broadest ramp offering in the business. That credibility comes from providing the kind of product excellence that the top pros and most watched events demand. That credibility comes because this is not our side business. All of our resources, creativity and efforts go into providing the best products and keeping up with the ever changing interests of the sport.

The purpose of this website is to introduce you to Ramptech and show you the benefits to doing business with a highly respected and proven company recognized through out the skater world. If you would like to learn more about the difference a core company like Ramptech can make to your program please call me.


Michael Mapp
President and Owner, Ramptech.


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